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- The Real Facts About New YouTube Inspired Technology That Gives You UNLIMITED Free Video Ads

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So you want to learn how to run in-stream video ads for free without needing to use YouTube?

Since it started on 23 April 2005, over 1.3 BILLION people have watched videos on With 30 million visitors every day watching five billion videos daily, you can imagine how powerful a medium online video has become today.

These audiences are deeply engaged with the content they consume. The average viewing session lasts over 40 minutes. And now you have the never-before opportunity to run your own ads for free - even on other people's videos!

Bookmark this date: 10th April 2017
It's when "VidSkippy" launches to the general public. - Are You Going To Tame The 600 Lb Gorilla?

Advertisers and marketers are smart and savvy about the money they spend to attract new customers and brand followers. If a medium or platform doesn't work, they'll stop spending money on it. And that's why it should interest you that in 2016, advertisers spent $4,280,000,000 on video ads at

Think about that for a moment. Let it sink in.

Over 4 BILLION dollars every year is spent running ads on the biggest online video website - because ads on video work!

Imagine being able to offer your ads on the world's top and best-known videos that already reach your audience directly over the Internet - without even recording one yourself. You can earn a healthy referral income just for sending over new customers to the vendor. Or even attract new prospects to your own offers.

Now with a brand new software service called "VidSkippy", three entrepreneurs - Mark Bishop, Zeeshan Ahmed and Venkata Ramana - are taking this to a higher level and giving you a way to set up your own online video ads on the back of this behemoth called YouTube, taking advantage of all their technology and know-how to quickly and inexpensively put your business in front of a vast and growing audience.

VidSkippy Review

What Is VidSkippy?

VidSkippy is a new software that enables members to run YouTube-like ads on any online video. You can use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or even your own MP4 video recordings - and add in-stream ads to the beginning (pre-roll) or middle of it.

It's like a "video within a video" - but with YOUR marketing message in it!

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Exciting If You Have a Business And Want More Customers

If you already sell online and run ads to find more prospects for your offers, then this will sound very exciting. Any online vendor who has spent a few thousand dollars on advertising will be able to effortlessly scale this to a multiple of 3x, 5x, or even 100x - because you no longer have to pay for your ads.

With VidSkippy you can get your message in front of the massive flood of online viewers that flock to or every day. What's more, you can actually insert live clickable links within the video... links that point to any destination, website, blog, sales page or download page you like.

Put up VidSkippy videos on your website or blog - and then mail, share or post the link to it anywhere... on social networks, online or offline ads, email newsletters and promos, articles and news stories.

Watch how to put a clickable link inside someone else’s YouTube video here: click for a free demo and VidSkippy review

Competition is fierce on social media. Thousands are fighting for new business, but targeting only the same small group of people. That's not a good idea.

Video ads work better because they are better targeted at the right prospect, bringing in the highest ROI you'll ever see in marketing. It's why YouTube ads generate the highest lifetime customer value. A return of 1000:1 on video ad investments isn't unheard of.

Mark, Zeeshan and Venkata are giving entrepreneurs a powerful tool to follow their model and build a profitable advertising channel that piggybacks on YouTube, Vimeo and other video sites. It's called "VidSkippy" and it'll soon be available for you to try out.

But if you're looking for a VidSkippy review, they will be a while coming. The software only launches on April 10th, 2017, and considering that owners will first want to test it, apply it, and only then review it for others, this may take a while.

That's why you'll like something that's almost as good as a VidSkippy review - a series of short explanatory videos (that you can watch for free) to help understand what you can do with VidSkippy.

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VidSkippy Review Video - How To Create YouTube Ads

Vidskippy Review

You've already experienced, but probably not fully realized, just how powerful running ads within viral videos can be to you as an advertiser.

Imagine yourself as a regular consumer of online video. You go to and click on the video you want to watch. But first, you have to view an ad - just like it happens on TV - except that it's more effective. Because when you click on a link inside the video, you'll be directed to the advertiser's website.

These are in-stream ads. And they appeal to anyone who is interested in the subject of the video they're watching.

Like a TV commercial, if you correctly target your ad to the online video, you'll get it in front of your very best audience of prospective buyers! YouTube figured this out early - it's easy to sell stuff when your audience is captivated by the video content.

Watch how VidSkippy inserts in-stream ads into online video

VidSkippy Is Unique

There's nothing like it in the market. There aren't any other apps that give you such secret power - a way to add your video ad, along with a live 'clickable' call to action, inside your own or someone else's video.

With VidSkippy you'll be able to captivate your viewers, engage them in your content, and sell them your products or services.

You see this happening every day on YouTube. But with VidSkippy, you won't need a website, or landing pages, or your own domain, or even Web hosting. You don't need any previous experience, or a lot of money. And you don't even need to shoot your own video... you can use one somebody else created!

Just add your clickable in-stream ad to hugely popular viral videos.

Watch this demo to see how easy it is - click

You can do this to dominate a niche, reach the top of launch leaderboards, boost product sales, profit from CPA offers, generate more leads, or attract a lot of website traffic.

And it only takes minutes to deploy a new campaign.

My VidSkippy Review

VidSkippy Review Box

The hype around this product launch is deafening. But anyone sharing a VidSkippy review only relies on the information in a free video about how it works - and YOU can watch that right away, without paying a cent.

See this VidSkippy review video - click now

After that, you can decide whether or not VidSkippy is right for you. You don't need to read another VidSkippy review.

I haven't yet tried the software out. This VidSkippy review also relies on external information (and some insider details from the product creators). Judging by what I've seen, one thing is clear... if you sell online and already run ads, this tool will make it more effective and cheaper.

You can pay YouTube to run ads on popular videos. Or you can get VidSkippy and do the same thing - without paying a dime in advertising fees.

So the big question is...

Does VidSkippy Really Work?

Yes. It does. The developers spent months on this ground-breaking app. For 6 weeks, beta testers put it through the paces. It just plain works. And it might well transform the way video ads work in the future.

Because this isn't a gimmick or trick. It doesn't rely on outdated methods or loopholes that can be closed. VidSkippy taps into a REAL trend that's popular - viral videos - and gives you a way to advertise on them.

You get the exact same features and potential as YouTube ads, but without the cost and limitations. You can even use other people's videos and raw affiliate links within the in-stream ads.

See VidSkippy in action here: go here

VidSkippy Review Box

As other Vidskippy reviews also explain, this is web based software requiring no downloads or installations, and with no compatibility problems. You just log in to your account and start using it.

* Pull any video you like, from YouTube, Vimeo, or your own MP4 recordings.

* Insert your video ad with a call to action (clickable links can be embedded within).

* Share the automatically generated link on social media, email, and on your blog or website where prospects can click to view it.

How Does VidSkippy Make You Money?

Whenever a viral video with your ad or link embedded within it is shared on Facebook groups, or on Twitter, or on Pinterest, Instagram or Google+ and someone clicks on your link to buy, you'll earn money.

The sales page explains a way to use it for 'Launch-jacking' where you insert an ad for your own affiliate link or special bonus to a product review video that someone else created. While I'm not very comfortable doing that (think of the time, energy and money that person put into creating a review video!), it's mutually helpful to a video creator if you pick informative videos for this purpose instead.

Remember Zig Ziglar's famous words...

"You can get everything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want."


Let's say you're selling a weight loss or bodybuilding product. Pick an instructional video that describes a diet plan or a workout routine. Insert your ad with an affiliate link for a related product or service into the video. Share it on your website or blog or social media.

Now you're helping get the video creator's message in front of a whole new audience - and while doing so, also promoting your own ad in the process. Everybody wins. And Vid Skippy can help you do it!

Is VidSkippy Worth The Price?

VidSkippy Review Box

That's a call only you can make.

But there's one redeeming feature... Mark, Zeeshan and Venkata offer a "no questions asked" 100% money-back refund if you aren't completely satisfied with VidSkippy.

Before you decide one way or another, take a look at the explanatory VidSkippy review video. Then think about the kind of value this revolutionary tool could have on your advertising. If it makes sense, take it on a risk-free trial under the rock-solid guarantee offered by the VidSkippy co-creators.

Try VidSkippy for yourself from the official website.


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